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MOOGOO - interactive hide-and-seek toy for dogs, nosework

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Interactive hide-and-seek toy for dogs, nosework

Nosework in book form. Hiding small toys or snacks helps attract the dog's attention and is a good way to please him and relieve stress.

Made with a soft material that produces a crackling sound.

This toy allows your dog to sniff in the grass to find hidden food or snacks.

This nose training game helps pets release extra energy and lose weight. It also keeps them busy and prevents destructive behavior.

When you at home, it can make a good interaction with pets. Additionally, it can be entertainment dog toys for home alone.

These plush dog chew toys are made of plush and have a very soft plush, safe for your dogs.

Product information:
Size: 14.5x15cm
Materials : polyester, cotton
Colors to choose: red