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Our history

Welcome to MOOGOO PET, your source of warmth and happiness in these uncertain times. Created in 2020, our adventure began in a world shaken by a global pandemic. In a time where social distancing has become the norm, especially for those of us away from home, our pets have taken on an even more special place in our lives.

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In Paris, where chic meets charm, we found comfort in the little gestures of our four-legged friends – every purr, every paw and every hug. Inspired by these simple but deeply comforting moments, we decided to create MOOGOO PET. Our speciality ? Plant-based cat litter, litter mats and a variety of essential products for your pet's daily life.

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Guided by our philosophy of "putting pets first", we strive to create products that are healthy, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Our goal is to increase the comfort of everyday life and strengthen the special bond that exists between pet owners and their little ones. By adding cute and warm elements to our products, we express our affection and admiration for these four-legged members of our family.

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But that's not all! We also offer pet activity planning and pet photography services, with the intention of creating and capturing more wonderful moments with our loyal friends.

Join us on this adventure filled with love, care and shared joy. Because at MOOGOO PET, every day is a celebration of life with our pets.

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