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MOOGOO - Samgyetang dog toy

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Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup, Korean Soup) Shape Toy

Samgyetang sound dog toy is made of natural plush, the high quality material will not hurt your dog like inferior toys, so you can rest assured to choose it for your beloved dog.

You can hide the dog food in ginseng and let your dog find it, which helps train the dog's sense of smell, learn to eat slowly, and improve bad eating habits.

You can play with your dog outdoors or indoors, this educational dog toy helps train your dog's skills and puzzles, making playing time more exciting and longer.
Samgyetang sonic dog toy is the perfect gift for your furry friend. Perfect for puppies and teethers, these durable pet toys are as fun as they are cute.

Product information:

Chicken toy: 18x9x23cm
Jujube toy: 9x3cm
Ginseng toy: 14x3cm
Brown toy: 7x3cm
Material : polyester, cotton