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MOOGOO - 100% plant-based cat litter

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What is the weight and volume of MOOGOO litter?
A bag of MOOGOO litter weighs 2.5 kg for approximately 6 liters. It is designed to meet the needs of a cat for approximately three weeks. Made from pea fibers, this litter is very effective and lightweight.
Additionally, our packaging is very easy to store and transport. To facilitate transport, the litter is vacuum packed. Moogoo attaches great importance to the quality of the products supplied and their integrity at the end of delivery. The litters are shipped vacuum-packed, and air leakage does not affect the proper functioning of the product.
What makes MOOGOO litter so special?
  • MOOGOO purely plant-based litter is made from food-grade ingredients (mainly pea fiber and corn starch), increasing the safety of the cat toilet environment.
  • Pea fibers fill the gaps in the tofu litter, forming smaller, more compact clumps, which extends the life of the litter.
  • The ingredients are safe and eco-friendly, and the scent of the litter comes from natural, food-grade plant materials. This avoids the risk of urinary infection or problems related to accidental ingestion for cats.
  • Cleaning is very easy, the litter dissolves quickly in water and can be flushed directly into the toilet. This saves cleaning time while being more environmentally friendly.
How does MOOGOO litter box provide a pleasant environment for your cat?
The secret of MOOGOO lies in the use of all-natural, food-grade plant-based ingredients.
Instead of using artificial fragrances or chemical additives, our litter has a pleasant, natural smell thanks to these raw materials. Pea fiber and corn starch combine to create a litter with a subtle yet effective scent, providing long-lasting freshness.
And where it really gets interesting is how these natural ingredients neutralize odors while keeping your cat safe and well-being.
How to use MOOGOO litter more economically?
Mix with another litter: During the initial transition, you can mix MOOGOO litter with another more economical litter, this will allow your cat to adapt while reducing costs.
Is MOOGOO litter clumping?
Yes, MOOGOO litter has excellent clumping ability, making it easy to clean. Unlike some other litters, MOOGOO forms compact and solid clumps which prevent fragments of soiled litter from mixing with the remaining clean litter. This not only reduces the proliferation of bacteria, but also the dispersion of bad odors.
Another major advantage of this feature is ease of maintenance. Your cleaning routine will be simplified: simply remove solid clumps and throw them away. Thanks to this clumping capacity, MOOGOO litter ensures a clean and fresh environment for your cat while minimizing cleaning efforts.
Is MOOGOO litter safe?
MOOGOO pure vegetable litter is ideal for sensitive cats. Made from food grade ingredients, it eliminates concerns about accidental ingestion. High-quality raw materials also protect your cat's urinary health.
Without any added coloring, the litter allows you to directly monitor the color of urine clumps, making it easier to monitor your cat's health.
Is MOOGOO litter box suitable for small apartments?
MOOGOO litter is particularly suitable for small apartments. It forms solid agglomerates, effectively controls odors and does not disperse easily. In a small space, it offers you the best living experience with your cat. Here is the authentic testimony from one of our customers:

"Hello, I would like to express my delight with the qualities of your litter. Living in a small apartment, I particularly appreciate that my cat does not disperse any particles when it comes out of its litter box, and this litter perfectly neutralizes litter. 'smell. I have already converted several people around me to using your product.'
Do cats adapt to MOOGOO litter?
MOOGOO litter is suitable for all types of cats, regardless of age or gender. When initially changing litter, it is recommended to mix equal parts old litter with MOOGOO litter to help your cat adapt. This gradual transition ensures that your cat gently becomes familiar with the new litter box.
Can MOOGOO litter be used in a self-cleaning litter robot?
MOOGOO litter can be used in automatic robots with filter grids without any problem and is suitable for many brands of self-cleaning cat litter robots such as Petkit.
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How long does order preparation take?
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Scarlett Wang
très absorbant et très agglomérante

très absorbant et très agglomérante, cela peut facilement être récupérés avec une pelle; fraîcheur naturelle

Très satisfaite !!

Merci pour cette litière de haute qualité, elle adapte à toutes types de bac à litière et aux toilettes automatique. Écologique et naturelle ! Ultra absorbant !

Une des meilleures litières

Une des meilleures litières qu'on ait jamais utilisées. Bien agglomérante, elle neutralise mieux que les autres produits les odeurs. D'où le renouvellement d'achat.


Super litière que neutralise bien les mauvaises odeurs, je suis fan

Silvia Botezatu

Super ! En plus mes petits matous l'ont adopté très vite. Je vous conseille vivement très économique .Mille merci pour me faire découvrir votre litière en plus le conseil l'accueil adorable comme tout