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Hanfu -Traditional Chinese dress for pets -red/blue gray

Color - Traditional red

Hanfu - Traditional Chinese dress red/blue gray

Embroidered dress
designed with Hanfu design

Pet clothing is a type of Chinese clothing, referring to a style of the Hanfu system.

Made of superior material with exquisite appearance and good workmanship.

Soft and fashionable, highlight your pet's appearance, make your pet so eye-catching.

Material: brocade

High quality brocade fabric.

Special box:
- Hanfu, traditional Chinese dress, for pets
- Yunjian, traditional Chinese cape, for pets
- fengguan, phoenix crown (tiara), for pets

The dress is entirely embroidered with a flying crane motif.

A unique style.

Perfect for taking your best friend to Christmas party, New Year celebration, Halloween gathering, wedding, special events, vacations or family photos.

Ideal for photos! !

Hand washing and air drying are recommended.
Please measure your pet carefully to ensure an accurate fit before ordering.