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Bottle and feeding tank for dogs and cats

Color - PINK

Pet Travel Water and Food Bottle

Portable and Convenient : This water bottle is ideal for walking and traveling with your dog or cat.
With the two-way valve design inside, you can drain the water into the dog water bottle when your pets finish drinking without wasting water.

This design allows you to easily operate it with one hand . So you can hold the dog's leash and offer him drinking water or food with your other hand.
And you can easily lock the release button to prevent any risk of spillage! It's much more convenient than water bottles and collapsible bowls.

The bowl is made from high quality materials and is pet friendly. Durable, food-grade plastic stands up to everyday use. And the silicone seal makes the water bottle completely leak-proof and safe to carry in any bag.
The dog water bottle consists of 2 parts, a 380ml water dispenser in the middle and a 180g food bottle at the bottom for storing food. And the sunshade design food container can keep food fresh at all times. Perfect for your pet's water and food needs while hiking.

Product information:
Volume: 350ml and 550ml
Three colors to choose from: pink, green, white