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GeekPlanet - Pet Towel

Color - Dark blue
Product information
Materials: Cotton with hyperfine fiber
Three colors to choose from: purple, dark blue, gray

Super absorbent and drying ultra-fast: Ultra-soft microfiber absorbs up to 7x more water and mud than other towels. Dry your dog 6 times faster than a regular cotton towel - it's even faster than using a hairdryer! In addition, the towel does not damage the skin or coat and never gives off the smell of a wet dog. Easy to clean, washable machine washable and reusable.


The microfiber towel with super absorption is perfect for drying pet hair after bathing! The dual density towel with hand pouch is not only convenient but also dries hair in seconds. Bathing and cleaning pets has never been easier!
The practical towel is an ideal way to protect dogs from the cold after a bath or a walk in the rain.
Keep Warm: Provide an ideal way to keep your pet from getting cold after a bath or walk in the rain. It also provides warning and comfort for your pet in winter.
Lightweight, durable and easy to carry: This towel can be stored in your car for your pet's travel or at home.
A variety of uses: can be pet towels and bathrobes, very suitable for combing, making your dog cleaner. Keep your pet warm, comfortable and in a cage or kennel.

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