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Pet brush


Massage brush for cats and dogs.

2-in-1 pet brush removes hair and dirt

Discover our 2-in-1 Pet Brush, designed especially for your dogs and cats. This brush not only removes hair, dirt, and tangles, but it also massages your pet's fur to stimulate blood circulation. Massage helps effectively prevent fleas and parasites, thereby reducing the risk of skin diseases.

Works great on many pets like German Shepherd, Goldendoodles, Labrador, Himalayan Cat, etc. with long-haired and short-haired dogs and cats.

【Ergonomic Non-slip Handle】The dog and cat grooming brush is designed with a comfortable and ergonomic handle, which reduces pressure on the hands. The specially designed extended handle ensures secure grip and labor-saving grooming, preventing hand and wrist fatigue during prolonged use.

Gently removes undercoat, dead hair, tangles, dandruff and trapped dirt. Ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of your home.
Easy to clean: One-click cleaning button and the hairs come out on their own.

With a length of 195mm and 95g, this pet brush is lightweight and convenient to put in a pocket or bag when going out. Take care of your pet's health anytime and anywhere.

Best brush choice for long and short hairs

- Provide a comfortable massage for your pet

- anti-break stainless steel needles

- Round brush that does not damage the skin and allows deep cleaning

- Soft material

- Dense needles that clean hairs easily

Best brush choice for long and short hairs

【One-Touch Design, Save Time and Effort】After brushing hair with this self-cleaning straightener brush, simply press the cleaning button to remove hair residue on the brush. Only takes about 5 seconds to clean the brush, greatly saves time and energy for grooming and cleaning.

Best brush choice for long and short hairs

【Safe and Comfortable Massage Brush】 This dog cat brush is gently angled at 60° with massage particles designed to go deep under the pet's fur to clean it without scratching your pet's skin. But gentle movements are necessary when combining your pet hair, especially short-haired pets, to give your pet a fun and enjoyable grooming experience.
Best brush choice for long and short hairs
Product information:
Product dimensions: 10*10*19cm
Materials: TPR/AB steel needles
Colors: blue, pink, gray