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ZEZE - Cat hammock

Color - Cream

Cat hammock

Features :

The expanded canvas support belt is connected to the stainless steel pendant,
Provide sufficient support for the hammock to improve the safety performance of the hammock.

Respect the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature.

Customized to increase suction power
Can be firmly fixed on smooth glass

Custom Powerful Suction Cup
Increases suction power
Can firmly absorb smooth surfaces
Can support a weight of approximately 20 kg

Thick twill fabric
Does not easily stick to hair
Safe and harmless to the skin

The hammock support belt is made of strong and flexible canvas.
Strong load capacity
Wooden support
Carefully polished natural grasshopper wood
Smooth and delicate, without burrs
Easy to disassemble and wash

Product information:

Size: 58x40x51cm
Supported weight: 15kg
Materials: Sophora wood, Polyester
Two color to choose: Cream, Green- Cream