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Joycat - Window Perch

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Joycat - Window Perch

The Joycat perch is more than just a resting place for your cat. Equipped with a high-transparency acrylic space capsule, it offers your pet a 360° view of its environment, contributing to its well-being and development.

The interior space is spacious and comfortable, allowing your cat to relax in complete peace of mind. Additionally, the spherical shape of the capsule creates a feeling of security, which is ideal for cats who appreciate their own space.

Easy to install on any window in the house, this perch is the perfect gift for your cat and a great addition to your home decor.

The Joycat perch is the combination of design and comfort for the optimal well-being of your pet. Don't wait any longer, opt for the Joycat perch!

A perfect place to treat your four-legged friend to some sunbathing and a view of the scenery outside.
Made of multi-layer plywood, non-deformation and odorless.
Specially designed pet suction cup, use according to instructions, with strong carrying capacity, will not fall off, use with confidence.
Product information:
Single Size: 40x40x15cm
Hemisphere diameter: 30cm
Weight supported: 30kg
Materials: Acrylic
Special Features: Easy to install, adjustable height, durable