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Joycat - Window cat house

Color - Pink

Cat kennel on window

The Joycat Window Cat Kennel is the perfect solution to satisfy your cat's desire for adventure. Designed to utilize the vertical space in your home, this kennel provides a warm haven for your cat. It allows your pet to climb to heights, admire the landscape and sunbathe, thus helping to reduce stress.

Large area suction cups:
9 cm diameter rubber suction cup
provide strong downforce.

Provides cats with a comfortable sunbathing experience
Able to easily support 10kg dumbbells, large load capacity, no need to worry.
Reinforced with solid wood stoppers to prevent the cat from falling and getting injured in the event that the little boat comes loose.

Product information:

Size: 25x30x60cm
Recommended weight for cats: less than 20Kg
Weight: 0.8Kg
Four colors to choose: pink, yellow, blue and khaki