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Joycat - Hanging cat house


Hanging cat house

Suction cup cat house that can be installed in windows and walls as desired. Easy to move, free layout.

Allowing the cat to have a very pleasant sunbath

Give them a comfortable place to sunbathe. The cat likes to sit at a high vantage point to look out the window at a beautiful view.

The hammock is made of solid wood plywood, without deformation and odor.

Specially designed pet suction cup, use according to instructions, with strong carrying capacity, will not fall off, use with confidence.

The transparent background allows you to observe the cat's paw prints.

Movable panel: The transparent panels and curtains of the cat house can be opened to facilitate playing with the cat.

Product information:

Size: 47x47x40cm
Weight supported 40kg
Materials: Polymethyl methacrylate