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Dinosaur Shaped Catnip Toy,Interactive Cat Chewing Robot Stand

Dinosaur Shaped Catnip Toy, Interactive Cat Chewing Robot Holder

Interactive toy in the shape of dinosaur
100% Natural and Safe: Mint catnip toy is made from purely natural, harmless and safe plant extracts.
Catnip lollipops for cats, good for dental health, cleans teeth and massages gums while playing and prevents pet from biting other things.

Press the switch on the back of the interactive cat toy to extend the dinosaur arm, and put the catnip lollipop into the arm; press the switch to automatically drop the lollipop into the robot.

Interactive cat toy, which is a fun toy for interacting with cats and dogs, which can improve the hand-eye coordination of cats and dogs.

The dinosaur shape is full of cuteness and fun, bringing vigor and vitality to cats' lives.

Size: length 17cm; Made of environmentally friendly plastic, odorless. Gifts for your cats and dogs for Halloween and Christmas.