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Japanese style cat collar-Maneki-Neko

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Japanese style cat collar

The elegant style and vivid pattern make this collar a sophisticated collar for your pets.

The cat collar is made of soft cotton and linen, which is comfortable to the touch, safe and environmentally friendly. The content is high quality stretch cotton, which makes it very comfortable.

This cat collar is three-dimensional, and your pets can wear it without constraint.

It weighs about 10 grams and has a lightweight design that won't stress your cat or pet.

Adjustable, lightweight, comfortable for your companion to wear. Very resistant. For pretty photos guaranteed!

The cute bell sound makes you easy to find the cat's location. The doorbell is designed to be mobile so you can use it as needed.

Suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets.

Lots of pattern to choose:

flower(red), plum tree(red), cherry tree(pink), vogue(red), cornflower(blue), flower(black)

Material: cotton

Your pet will be irresistible! A magnificent fancy hat necklace in Asian style, ideal for festive occasions or simply for the pleasure of making a nice gift for your companion! Kawaii style golden “Maneki-Neko” bell included.

Product information:

Made of cotton, very soft and comfortable for the skin.

Size (neck circumference):

XS: 15-20cm

S: 20-25cm

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