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Makesure -Two-in-one donut bowl for cats

Color - Sakura pink

Two-in-one donut bowl for cats

Description :

Inspired by "Donut"🍩, we think this cute bowl will brighten up your home decor.

Two bowls in one with a double-layer design for multiple uses.

The two bowls can be used individually or combined .

Two bowls combined in one for daily use of dry food at the right height, to protect the spine .

The lower bowl for wet food or can be a water bowl: more practical and hygienic.

Environmentally friendly material, careful manufacturing process, quenched at 1300 degrees Celsius high temperature, strong and durable, lead and chrome free.
The upper and lower bowls are designed with a snap-on closure, providing a stable structure. The double layer of cat bowls has sufficient capacity and is difficult to tip over.

Product information:
Size: 8x16.6cm(5x16.6cm/3x16.6cm)
Materials: ceramic
Two colors to choose: Sakura pink, Jade green
High quality durable accessory, hygienic, easy to wash, microwave safe.