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Hanfu -La robe traditionnelle chinoise

Hanfu - Traditional Chinese dress

Hanfu - Traditional Chinese dress

A little history

Chinese hanfu is a traditional Chinese costume that has been worn for thousands of years. It is characterized by long dresses, skirts and jackets that are often made from silk and other lightweight fabrics.

Hanfu is often associated with the Han dynasty, which ruled China more than 2,000 years ago. However, hanfu continued to evolve over time and was worn during many other dynasties, including the Tang dynasty, Ming dynasty, and Qing dynasty.

Today, hanfu is increasingly popular in China and around the world as a symbol of traditional Chinese culture. Hanfu enthusiasts often wear (also make their four-legged friends wear) these clothes for special occasions, festivals or simply for the pleasure of wearing them every day.

In addition to its cultural significance, hanfu also has an impact on modern fashion in China and abroad. Many Chinese fashion brands incorporate hanfu elements into their clothing design, while hanfu enthusiasts create modern looks by combining hanfu elements with contemporary clothing styles.

Overall, hanfu is an important symbol of traditional Chinese culture and its rich heritage.

Our collection of hanfu for pets are designed from these traditional Chinese garments.

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