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Chartreux: Histoire, caractère et soin - Moogoopet

Chartreux: History, character and care - Moogoopet

Chartreux: History, character and care - Moogoopet

The Chartreux is a famous cat breed in France, known for its unique appearance and gentle character. It is a medium-sized, robust and muscular cat. Its coat is particularly distinctive, dense and blue-gray in color, with a soft, woolly texture. The eyes are usually a bright golden yellow or copper, contrasting beautifully with the gray coat.


The origin of Chartreux dates back to the Middle Ages. It is said that these cats were bred by Carthusian monks in France to hunt mice and protect food supplies, although this story lacks solid historical evidence. Nevertheless, this breed has a long history in France and is part of French culture.


The Chartreux is renowned for its gentle, calm and friendly character. He is very close to humans and makes an excellent pet. Although generally reserved with strangers, it is very attached to its owner and shows great loyalty.


Chartreux is relatively easy to maintain. Their coat requires regular brushing to stay smooth and healthy. Although this breed is generally healthy, regular vet visits and vaccinations are essential to prevent disease.


The Chartreux is a charming and characterful cat breed, ideal for families looking for a calm and affectionate pet. Its unique appearance and endearing character make it a favorite among cat lovers in France and around the world.

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