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Comment choisir la litière parfaite pour chat : Un guide complet

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Litter: A Complete Guide

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Litter: A Complete Guide


In today's market there is a wide variety of cat litters, making the selection task quite complex. How to determine which litter is best for your feline?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat Litter

Odor control

Example: A litter box's ability to control odors is essential, especially for indoor cats or homes with limited ventilation. Litters infused with baking soda or activated charcoal are designed to neutralize ammonia odors.

Caking vs. Non-caking

Example: Clumping litters, generally based on bentonite clay, form solid agglomerates on contact with humidity, thus facilitating the elimination of waste.


Example: The absorbency of a litter determines how quickly and efficiently it absorbs liquids. Highly absorbent litters, such as those made from pine or paper pellets, can quickly turn liquid into a solid or semi-solid state.


Example: For environmentally conscious cat owners, the environmental impact of litter is a major concern. Litters made from natural materials such as corn, wheat or recycled paper are biodegradable.

Ease of maintenance

Example: Some litter boxes require daily scooping, while others may require less attention. Crystal litters, for example, might not require daily scooping but might need regular stirring.


Example: Cats may have preferences for how the litter feels under their paws. Some might prefer the soft, sandy texture of fine-grained clumping litters, while others might opt ​​for the more solid feel of pellet-based litters.


Example: The monthly cost of cat litter can vary depending on the type, quality and frequency of change. The total cost per month could vary from €10 to €50 or more, depending on the product chosen and the use of the chat.

Comparison of common cat litters on the market

Let's look at the most common choices on the market: Bentonite Clay, Tofu Bedding, and Non-Clumping Silica Gel.

Litter type Odor control Agglomeration Absorption Biodegradability Interview Price Texture
Bentonite Clay Good Yes High Weak Moderate Moderate Smooth
Tofu litter Excellent Yes Moderate High Easy Slightly high Soft
Non-caking silica gel Correct No Very high Weak Easy Pupil Crisp

Average price of each type

Litter type Average price (per kg)
Bentonite Clay 1.50€
Tofu litter 2.20€
Non-caking silica gel 3.00€

Frequency of change for each type

Litter type Change frequency
Bentonite Clay Every 7-10 days
Tofu litter Every 5-7 days
Non-caking silica gel Every 3-4 weeks

How to tell if your cat likes the litter box

Observing your cat's behavior is essential. If your cat uses the litter box willingly and frequently, that's a good sign. However, if he avoids it or spends little time there, he may not like the litter box.

Discover new options: Improved tofu litter - Moogoo Pet 100% plant-based cat litter

Still looking for innovative products? Moogoo Pure Plant Based Cat Litter is an upgraded version of traditional tofu litter. It offers better absorption, better odor control and a softer texture.

MOOGOO PET 100% plant-based cat litter

The cat litter launched by Moogoo Pet is specially designed for caring cat lovers. This litter is entirely plant-based, which means it is edible for cats! In addition, it easily forms agglomerates and can be flushed directly into the toilet. This makes daily life and cleaning tasks much easier for cat lovers.


Choosing the right litter is a balance between your cat's preferences and yours. By considering factors such as odor control, texture and price, and being open to trying new products, you can find the perfect match for you and your cat. Remember, a happy cat means a happy owner!

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