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Chat et Canicule, Comment rafraîchir votre chat en été ?

Cat and Heatwave, How to cool your cat in summer?

Cat and Heatwave, How to cool your cat in summer?

For all animals, whether wild or domestic, summer is a difficult time to endure. In certain regions of France, temperatures exceed 40°C, with extreme heat waves, are our cats sensitive to this?

Like us humans, when the temperature is too high, our little companions have difficulty regulating their body temperature. Although they naturally tend to seek cool, ventilated corners, it is sometimes necessary to help them cool down to avoid heatstroke . Otherwise, our dear cats can also suffer from intense heat, with symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy, stress...

Here are tips to help your cat regain energy and rehydrate.

Keep the interior cool

- Use an air conditioner or fan to maintain an adequate temperature indoors.

- Place cooling mats or mats in your cat's favorite places.

Provide enough water

- Make sure your cat has sufficient fresh, drinking water.

- You can add a few ice cubes in the water to keep it cool.

Avoid excessive activity

    - Limit your cat's activity during periods of high heat (such as midday and afternoon).

    - Provide a shaded, well-ventilated resting area.

    Use damp towels

      - You can use a damp towel to gently wipe your cat's hair, especially its paws and belly, to help it cool down.

      Frozen toys or food

      - You can freeze some toys that your cat likes and give them to him to play with.

      - Freeze wet food or freeze-dried treats for your cat to eat so they can enjoy delicious frozen treats.

      Avoid direct sunlight

        - Use curtains or blinds to avoid direct sunlight in your cat's resting places.

        - Create a shaded outdoor activity area for your cat if he likes to go out.


          - For long-haired cats, you can trim their hair appropriately, but do not cut it too short to avoid sunburn.

          -Use the bristle brush with small water reservoir to refresh it.

          Cooling mats

          - You can buy cooling mats specially designed for pets, so that your cat can rest and cool down on them.

          Watch for heatstroke symptoms

          - Pay attention to signs of heatstroke in your cat, such as shortness of breath, salivation, vomiting or lethargy. If you notice these symptoms, consult a veterinarian immediately.

          By practicing these methods, you can help your cat stay cool in summer while avoiding heatstroke and summer discomfort.

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