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13 Raisons pour choisir la litière Moogoo

13 Reasons to Choose Moogoo Litter

13 Reasons to Choose Moogoo Litter

Since its launch, MOOGOO plant-based litter has been highly appreciated by customers. At major cat shows, our cat litter stand is constantly besieged by visitors. But why is our litter so exceptional?

1.Food grade ingredients

The materials used by MOOGOO are all food grade and contain no additives. Most tofu-based cat litters on the market use soy fibers that are fatty and more likely to mold and give off decay odors . The pea fibers used by MOOGOO effectively solve this problem and are 100% safe for cats, providing real care for your pet!

2. High absorption capacity

MOOGOO litter is a mixed litter, where the peas and corn in the materials play an indispensable role in terms of water absorption and filling of the gaps, which allows the formation of more compact agglomerates and saving the quantity used.

3. Easy to clean, can be flushed down the toilet.

MOOGOO litter ensures that particles do not stick to the bottom of the box, plus this all-plant litter can be flushed directly into the toilet, where clumps dissolve quickly. This increases cleaning efficiency and saves you time.

4. 100% Ecological

Flushable plant-based cat litter and packaging bags made from eco-friendly materials allow you to avoid the use of trash bags and reduce litter buildup in trash bags. garbage.

5. Little dust

Compared to other litters of the same type, MOOGOO litter produces very little dust which will not only guarantee you a healthy and pleasant environment, but also eliminate the risk of allergies or respiratory problems for you and your cat.

Flushable plant-based cat litter and packaging bags made from eco-friendly materials allow you to avoid the use of trash bags and reduce litter buildup in trash bags. garbage.

6. Maintain the cleanliness of your home environment

MOOGOO litter, with strong clumping ability, is not easily dispersed by cats, which can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home environment. Are you concerned about litter everywhere in your home? Choose us, and you won't have to worry about this problem anymore.

7. Deodorization with natural herbal fragrance

MOOGOO litter releases a scent from natural plants, which is very effective in neutralizing cat feces odors while ensuring the cat's safety. Some litters on the market add artificial scents to cover the bad smell, but MOOGOO, thanks to its carefully selected pea fibers, eliminates this problem at the source.

8. Uniqueness in the market

Among similar products, MOOGOO has improved some defects of litter boxes
traditional tofu-based products, such as large clumps that consume more litter and low deodorization capacity. On the European market, it currently has an exclusive formula. It provides a better experience for both cats and their owners, ensuring a high-quality life for pets.

9. Suitable for all types of cats

MOOGOO cat litter is designed to suit all cats, regardless of age, breed or sterilization status. It offers a universal solution adapted to the needs of each cat, whether an energetic kitten, an adult of all ages or a senior requiring gentler care. Its non-aggressive formula is ideal even for cats with particular sensitivities or health problems. In short, MOOGOO litter is an excellent option for multi-cat households, ensuring optimal hygiene for each feline member of the family. For particularly sensitive cats, it is possible to start by mixing the new MOOGOO litter with the old one, to allow the cat to gradually get used to it.

10. Best value for money

Market price: €11.9/bag

Recommended quantity: one bag for one cat for 2-3 weeks (€23.8/month, €0.77/day)

Strong absorption and high absorption capacity can reduce the wastage rate and ensure you get better value for money.

11. Adaptable to all types of litter boxes, including self-cleaning robots

Whether closed or open litter boxes, this is no challenge for MOOGOO litter. The use in self-cleaning litter robots with filter grids is also no problem. MOOGOO Litter fits many brands of self-cleaning cat litter robot, such as Petkit, Petsafe, litter robot.

12. Fast delivery/easy collection near Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

MOOGOO offers delivery throughout France and offers free delivery for orders from 80 euros throughout the site which includes other products such as toys and cat care products. Collection is also possible in our store near Galeries Lafayette in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

13. Cat litter: Photo feedback from our customers

Where to find MOOGOO litter?

You can buy cat litter and other adorable animal products as well as cat food on our website Free delivery throughout France for all orders over 80 euros .

https://www.moogoo-pet.com . Take advantage of 15% off your first order by registering and subscribing on our site with the code WELCOME15 .

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