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ZEZE - Cheese-shaped cat tunnel

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Cheese-shaped cat tunnel

The ZEZE cheese-shaped cat tunnel is designed to offer your cat an exciting adventure without leaving the comfort of your home. This unique toy adds a dose of energy to your pet's routine while providing a safe, natural space for play. It recreates the wild feeling that cats love, making every moment of play an adventure in itself. Its cheese-shaped design also adds a touch of originality to your interior. Don't let routine invade your cat's life, give him the excitement he deserves with the ZEZE cheese-shaped cat tunnel.

This two-tone, multi-hole tunnel is stylishly designed to give the cat a room to hide and a choice to escape. Turn it into an interactive game by challenging the cat to catch the feathered tease from inside the tunnel through the holes. Take it apart when the cat feels exhausted to put it back together another day!

Product information:

Size: 22x92cm
Materials: Felt,POM