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MOOGOO-Interactive dog toy in the shape of a diamond ring

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Limited Edition Diamond Ring for Valentine's Day

Take your dog's play to a whole new level with the MOOGOO Interactive Diamond Ring Toy. Designed to be both fun and educational, this toy includes a hidden pocket where you can slip treats. This allows your dog to develop his sense of smell in a fun way.

The ring produces a sound when pressed, and the box produces a crackling sound

an occupation and interactive toy to spend a joyful time together!

Give your sweetheart a romantic gift on this special occasion!

For all types of dogs

Attention :

Supervise and observe your dog while playing, as excessive biting on toys can damage them or even lead to ingestion and choking hazards.

Product information:

Weight: 100g

Dimensions: 12*12*15 cm

Material: Cotton / plush